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Date: 12/06/18 20:03
Union Pacific 1943
Author: miralomarail

So, why was the UP 1943 not part of the train for Former President George H W Bush ?  

Date: 12/06/18 20:16
Re: Union Pacific 1943
Author: JoCoLB

I understood it was going to be leading an eight-car  "pilot train" and/or one carrying members of the press and others.  Any photos or videos of the 1943 doing its job? 

Date: 12/06/18 20:48
Re: Union Pacific 1943
Author: CSX602

UP was likely allowing the #4141 be the center of attention that it deserved to be...  Having another special paint job involved would have lessened the uniqueness of the #4141 and using #1943 might have made it appear too much like UP was making it about UP instead of just about Bush 41.  "Spirit of Union Pacific" on a funeral train might have also been deemed "tacky" by some, and there's actually nothing on #1943 to honor a naval aviator.

The advance train was UP #9069 and #7473.
The funeral train was #4141 and #9096.
#1943 had been reported at Lloyd yard in Spring, then at Navasota, but was not by the main when funeral train passed through Navasota.

Yes, railfans would have liked for all the Heritage units to be there for the event, but that would have made it to be about UP and less about Bush 41.

With letting #4141 take center stage, I didn't hear a negative word about UP on any of the funeral train coverage, there was huge amount of praise for the railroad, and in that they hit the PR jackpot.

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Date: 12/06/18 21:12
Re: Union Pacific 1943
Author: JoCoLB

I think you summed it up real well, CSX602. Looked like all public relation positives for the Union Pacific. 

Date: 12/06/18 22:12
Re: Union Pacific 1943
Author: brc600

Now, if only UP would treat the everyday customers and employees this well. I'm not the only one feeling that!

JoCoLB Wrote:
> I think you summed it up real well, CSX602. Looked
> like all public relation positives for the Union
> Pacific. 

Date: 12/07/18 15:49
Re: Union Pacific 1943
Author: elueck

1943 was sent up the Eureka Sub (the old SP Main) with orders to Navasota Jct (where the old MP, SP and ATSF) lines joined to pass through Navasota.  It was ordered to hold short by several miles so that it would not be visible from the funeral train or the pilot train.    It was there for protection power,  so that if there was a problem with the funeral train, a decorated unit would still be on the head end.    It left Lloyd yard in Spring in darkness and passed up the line at daybreak.  It left Lloyd with 3 other units, so the UP may have stashed the other two somewhere as protection for the pilot train as well.

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