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Date: 12/10/18 05:57
Quad City Happenings
Author: CNW8531

Had to see what was going on in the Quad Cities yesterday and caught some trains from both sides of the river.  First the Illinois side.  IAIS eastbound CBBI is going through downtown Moline with the Rock Island heritage unit leading.  You can see the new I-74 bridge being built which will change the landscape of this location in a few more months.  The last shot is in East Moline where the IAIS re-joins they're own rails from using the BN industrial track across town.

Date: 12/10/18 06:02
Re: Quad City Happenings
Author: CNW8531

Now for the Iowa side of the river.  A newly repainted GE (but already getting dirty) leads train #474 south at West Davenport.  

A very nice looking SD60 sits in the sun at Nahant.

A rather nice looking  tank car is parked in the yard as well.

Date: 12/10/18 07:26
Re: Quad City Happenings
Author: bnsfsd70

Nice stuff!  I especially like the 513 shot at East Moline/Silvis and the CP 911 car.

- Jeff Carlson

Date: 12/10/18 08:29
Re: Quad City Happenings
Author: bmarti7

Very nice series - thanks for sharing.


Date: 12/10/18 08:40
Re: Quad City Happenings
Author: ntharalson

Anyone got the history of the 6306?  I had thought the ex-Soo SD60's had been renumbered to
the 6200's.  Nice stuff, Angus, thanks for posting.

Nick Tharalson,
Marion, IA

Date: 12/10/18 13:01
Re: Quad City Happenings
Author: NDHolmes

6306 is one of the NRE rebuilds.  Formerly Soo 6024, now I believe referred to as an SD60-3 by CP.  Popped out of Silvis last spring.  I think there's 8-10 of them running around now.

Can't believe the progress they're making on the 74 bridge now that it's really underway.  They've been working behind the scenes on that bridge for the better part of 25 years now (funding, engineering, impact studies, more funding, etc.), so it's good to see it actually getting built.  I only get home every 2-3 months, so it changes by leaps and bounds every time I see it. 

Date: 12/10/18 13:05
Re: Quad City Happenings
Author: MILW86A

Nicely done there sir.

Date: 12/10/18 17:57
Re: Quad City Happenings
Author: SP8595

Nice catches, Cool Tank Car!

Date: 12/10/18 19:58
Re: Quad City Happenings
Author: oyw

Good looking shots and pretty decent weather to boot!

Date: 12/11/18 18:21
Re: Quad City Happenings
Author: ns1000

Good stuff..!!  I like Pic 2!!

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