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Date: 01/08/19 20:54
Toto Tuesday: The Miss Down Yonder
Author: mg8711

A classic scene, a classic theme, but certainly not a classic dream.

Scenario 1: You're driving or riding down the road and in the distance you see crossing signal flashers come to life, as if a choreographed dance the gates come down and your mind plays a waiting game, it can't be more than 20 seconds or so but it feels like a minute, the anticipation of the inevitable train, like a jolt of lightning, said train doesn't have the yellow (or orange) you're used to, CSX power (or pick one). Bummer. Furthermore the train is hauling military equipment, and maybe the light isn't perfect but you still feel as if you missed a shot, a grab shot maybe, but a different train is worth at least a try.

Scenario 2: You're chasing a train and try to get ahead of it in time to grab a shot at a location you've never shot at, but you're timing is way off. The sun is hidden behind wildfire smoke and it's almost sunset, so you just wanted to see what the composition looked like, it's not a magazine cover shot that requires months of staking out and intense discipline, so maybe next time.

Scenario 3: Scenario 2 is what actually happened, so you post it on TO randomly at 11PM because you're bored and haven't posted anything in a while.

1) CSXT 732 sprints past tiny Kiro, Kansas, just west of Topeka with a military train bound for Fort Riley, the light is going south in a hurry and everything is just a grab shot at this point.

Image taken August 11th, 2018
Thanks for looking!

Date: 01/09/19 07:18
Re: Toto Tuesday: The Miss Down Yonder
Author: bmarti7

Nice shot and story Lucas. Always nice to see green this time of year.


Date: 01/09/19 07:32
Re: Toto Tuesday: The Miss Down Yonder
Author: SP8595

Neat shot! 

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