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Date: 01/10/19 17:22
Yard Limits
Author: WrongWayMurphy

This new yard limit sign was installed yesterday at Hill Yard, where west end of the Cotton Belt
dumps into the SP mainline at Corsicana Tex.  Beam me up, Scotty .....

Date: 01/10/19 17:26
Re: Yard Limits
Author: PHall

Isn't that "Yard Limit" sign upside down?  [I'm asking.]

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Date: 01/10/19 17:34
Re: Yard Limits
Author: Railbaron

Good night, somebody can't even figure out how to install a Yard Limit sign - that's bad. (And yes, it is upside down.)

Date: 01/10/19 17:36
Re: Yard Limits
Author: callum_out

An upside down yard limit sign is the international synbol for distress,


Date: 01/10/19 17:59
Re: Yard Limits
Author: trainjunkie

It's an "ABS that way" sign. LOL

Date: 01/10/19 18:01
Re: Yard Limits
Author: callum_out

Either that or a flanger lift indicator for people with really bad eyesight.


Date: 01/10/19 18:18
Re: Yard Limits
Author: BCutter

And if they are running flangers in Corsicana...

former Nacogdoches resident

Date: 01/10/19 18:42
Re: Yard Limits
Author: Railbaron

Or, using "callum_out's" comment about this being an international sign of distress, considering all the cost cutting, bringing in a new COO for that purpose, combining trains to create even bigger trains, running off a lot of business because it doesn't "fit the operating plan", maybe somebody is trying to tell us something.

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Date: 01/10/19 21:40
Re: Yard Limits
Author: EsPee1229

Sign was installed by Norman Newguy!

Date: 01/11/19 08:53
Re: Yard Limits
Author: tomstp

They used only one screw and the heavy part of sign assumed its natual  gravity  position.

Date: 01/11/19 11:03
Re: Yard Limits
Author: genevasub

Maybe that's the lower limit?

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Date: 01/11/19 20:24
Re: Yard Limits
Author: 567Chant

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