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Date: 01/11/19 07:24
Virtual Railfan
Author: texchief1

Do any of you subscribe to Virtual Railfan?  It is a website with about 20+ webcams with live coverage.  I have been having trouble the last 24 hours accessing the site.  Are any of you having the same problem?


Randy Lundgren
Elgin, TX

Date: 01/11/19 08:01
Re: Virtual Railfan
Author: Spoony81

I'm not a subscriber but I watch the free cams they have on Youtube. They're had issues with keeping those going the last week or so

Date: 01/11/19 08:49
Re: Virtual Railfan
Author: trainjunkie

Date: 01/11/19 08:58
Re: Virtual Railfan
Author: map

YouTube channels appear to be back online.


Date: 01/11/19 08:59
Re: Virtual Railfan
Author: tomstp

I had problems with all their sites except Belen.  I finally cancelled their service.

Date: 01/11/19 10:20
Re: Virtual Railfan
Author: bmarti7

I just logged in and everything working OK at 12:21 pm CST Friday. I checked several locales and all OK except foggy lenses in Laramie......er wait - not foggy it's snowing there.


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Date: 01/12/19 07:02
Re: Virtual Railfan
Author: mully

On a side note I just tried to log onto Railstream and it wont even load


Date: 01/12/19 17:58
Re: Virtual Railfan
Author: shortlineer

I enjoy their various cams and even did a paid trial for a couple days. It seems like the free cams actually work better than the paid system. I am not sure why but, I've had much better luck just watching it on youtube than through their paid portal.

Date: 01/12/19 18:54
Re: Virtual Railfan
Author: Laurence

It's worth the money!

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