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Date: 02/10/19 08:52
model paint lettering question
Author: Charls

Hi all, I am painting an HO model of a NP Challenger Z-8 class, anone would have  rear tender pic or tell me what if anything was painted at the rear of those tender, rd number size, cap dats or else

Date: 02/10/19 17:09
Re: model paint lettering question
Author: norm1153

You should put this question in the Model Railroad discussion.

Date: 02/11/19 11:30
Re: model paint lettering question
Author: Wildebeest

Or on the Nostalgia & History board.  All you're really looking for is a photo showing the rear of the tender on a Z-8 or similar engine, and that has noting to do with modeling, per se.  Most roads put the engine number someplace on the rear of the tender, but type style, size and location varied, and sometimes other data also (capacity, class, etc.) also appeared in smaller print.  The NP Railway Historical Association (http://www.nprha.org/) would be an even more likely place to find photos and info about this. 



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