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Date: 03/12/19 20:36
Passing of Al Hinkle
Author: sphogger

=12ptYouTube: Al Hinkle Memorial — Brian Hassett's poem performed by Jerry Cimino

Many of us worked with Al on the SF commutes over the years.  A celebrated icon of The Beat Generation.   Friend and fellow traveler with Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady.   A kind and generous man.  Passed Dec. ‘18.   RIP.  sphogger.

Date: 03/12/19 20:44
Re: Passing of Al Hinkle
Author: StStephen

Ah yes, Cowboy Neal at the wheel of the bus to never ever land.  Quite an amazing group of friends and explorers and adventurers, some as colorful as could be, some nearly invisible, all contributing in their own way to a shift in perception.  We are losing too many of them these days, and in days past, and in the days between.


Date: 03/13/19 15:29
Re: Passing of Al Hinkle
Author: johnw

A good railroader and a good man, always a pleasure to work with on the SP commutes! I worked with him for quite a while before I found out that he was one of the legendary Beat Generation characters and remember being quite surprised at the time. He was such a dapper gentleman that I never would have suspected that was in his past life. A rich and rewarding life for sure, nice to see that he made it to 92. Rest in Peace Al Hinkle!

Here's an obituary from the San Francisco Chronicle:



Date: 03/13/19 22:42
Re: Passing of Al Hinkle
Author: CPCoyote

Thanks for posting, George.  Al was an all around first class guy.  Always a pleasure to work with, and a regular at the monthly retiree breakfast until a couple years ago.  Very sorry to hear of his passing.  John, thanks for the obituary link.

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