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Date: 03/13/19 19:51
A Sunset Meet at Tiger
Author: BNSF-6432

Last Saturday I had some time to kill and headed for the closest trackside location. A signal check at Douglas showed a meet would soon be happening at Tiger, just east of Tulsa, OK. As I watched the late evening sunlight quickly fade away I realized there'd be no chance of a well lit shot. Regardless, I waited anyways with nothing better to do. As the sun was rapidly descending, the detectors in both directions finally went off insinuating the meet would be occurring near the middle of the siding where I was waiting. An eastbound TULMEM that had just left Tulsa was entering the siding for it's first meet on the trip. Timing it just perfectly was a westbound Z that was able to keep rolling in the process. The TULMEM made it to the east end and was only stopped for a couple minutes, which is pretty good for a 7,600ft siding.

1) Under a clear dusk sky, two orange GE's and a 700 series warbonnet slow roll down the main leading a fairly hot Z train.

2) Both train come face to face just east of the middle crossing while the sun settles for the day.

3) Just six minutes from the previous shot, the TULMEM is on it's way east with a CSX unit 3rd out.

Date: 03/13/19 19:54
Re: A Sunset Meet at Tiger
Author: BNSF-6432

4) BNSF 5934 gets back on the main at ESS Tiger after a quick wait

Taken 3/9/19

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