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Date: 05/14/19 18:44
Big Boy trip- the non-Big Boy stuff
Author: BaltimoreOhio

Like seemingly 30% of the population of the North American continent, my wife and I (from Cincinnati) roadied out west to chase Big Boy out of Cheyenne.   And while 4014 was the headliner, there most certainly was OTHER railroading taking place!   No.1 is from the former Burlington station in Lincoln, Nebraska (I had not been here since the tracks were relocated).  No. 2 isn't the best quality but it's from a phone in the evening at about 75 MPH near Pine Bluffs, WY, as we headed to Cheyenne for the night.  Yes, 4014 is in No. 3 but the focus is on a west-bound coal drag leaving Cheyenne.

Date: 05/14/19 18:47
Re: Big Boy trip- the non-Big Boy stuff
Author: BaltimoreOhio

No.4 is a westbound at Rawlins while we were waiting on 4014 to arrive the evening of the 4th (which he never made it down that far, spending the night in the yard east of where we were).  No. 5 shows an eastbound at Rawlins on the morning of the 5th (not the photographers in the bluff in the background awaiting 4014).  No. 6 is an eastbound stopped along Otto Road the morning of the 4th.  From what I'm told, either this train, or one ahead of it, blocked the view of Big Boy for a lot of those who camped out on the Hill.

Date: 05/14/19 18:50
Re: Big Boy trip- the non-Big Boy stuff
Author: BaltimoreOhio

No. 7 is east of Rock Springs, again not a great photo (from a phone) but I did notice the full dome in the consist.  Any story on this one?  No. 8 is the preserved depot at Steamboat Springs, CO.  No. 9 is essentialy a 180 degree turn from No. 8, looking at the slopes.  We spend the night in Steamboat but nothing passed.  The rails look shiny but I'm always reading where this line is in jeopardy.  

Date: 05/14/19 18:53
Re: Big Boy trip- the non-Big Boy stuff
Author: BaltimoreOhio

Nos. 10-12 depict typical Colorado weather, in that they were taken over a space of about 20 miles and a time period of about half an hour.  No. 10 is Castle Rock, No. 11 is getting foggier south of Greenland, and No. 12 shows full-on fog at Palmer Lake.

Date: 05/14/19 18:57
Re: Big Boy trip- the non-Big Boy stuff
Author: BaltimoreOhio

No. 13 shows a southbound stopped at Greenland, CO.  No. 14 depicts a former DRGW caboose at Hot Sulphur Springs on the Moffat line.  And last but not least, we have the westbound Zephyr beginning it's climb towards the Moffat tunnel on an asbolutely perfect day (and the observation lounge was packed).  Thanks for looking!

Date: 05/14/19 20:22
Re: Big Boy trip- the non-Big Boy stuff
Author: wpjones

Thanks for posting the photo of the CB&Q 710 in Lincoln. We are very proud of our K4 that was built in Havelock in 1901 for the Burlington and Missouri River RR of Nebraska. It was cosmetically restored in
1991 at Shop Services in Mount Pleasant Ia. It had the windows replaced and Red Paint repainted plus some tender touch up last year but looks great for sitting out in the weather for 28 years. By far the best shape of the three that still exist. The 719 (919) in Alliance was the last to run (There is a video of it running) but is now in the worst  shape.

Date: 05/14/19 20:38
Re: Big Boy trip- the non-Big Boy stuff
Author: Prophoto

Well done. You have some nice photos there.

Date: 05/15/19 08:18
Utah- the non-Big Boy stuff
Author: cozephyr

Great coverage of your trip out West.  I encountered Stadler Rail US booth at Promontory Summit, UT, event.  Stadler had open house at their new Salt Lake City, Utah, complex (new assembly building with offices occupied starting late 2018 into April 2019).  Gentry posed at controls of TexRail commuter train named SPIKE.  The last of 8-train sets going to Fort Worth, Texas, ships by rail (Salt Lake & Garfield serves the plant) in mid-May 2019.

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