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Western Railroad Discussion > it just never gets old

Date: 06/15/19 15:41
it just never gets old
Author: santafe199

There’s no doubt in my mind I saw my first 70 MPH freight train up close & personal in the summer of 1974 outside of Kansas City. I was working for a Santa Fe track gang drivin’ spikes & totin’ ties. I’d love to be able to say my very first hot train was the Super C itself! Lord knows, we would see it pass nearly every single afternoon. But my memory isn’t that specific.

I do remember what a great thrill it was to watch a hot one go by in that 19th summer of my young life. Fast forward more than 45 years and that thrill is still there. Even though the train below is decelerating into a series of 55 MPH curves, just knowing it qualifies to run 70 satisfies the imagination. Its Santa Fe legacy will never get old…

1. BNSF 6772 leads a hot eastbound pig train over KS hwy 130 at Neosho Rapids, KS on January 14, 2014.

Thanks for looking!
Lance Garrels

Date: 06/15/19 16:15
Re: it just never gets old
Author: CCMF

I was driving through Missouri last fall and decided to stop in at Bucklin where there were still ATSF searchlight signals.  With a couple of approaching trains I warned my wife "You're about to see how trains really move, not like where we live."  She was impressed with a westbound stacker as it met Amtrak 4 !

Bill Miller
Galt, ON

Date: 06/15/19 17:08
Re: it just never gets old
Author: santafe199

CCMF Wrote: > ...  still ATSF searchlight signals ...

If that's the signal (bridge) I'm thinking of, I've stopped by there a couple of times with no luck. Most recently I stopped there on my way to Pennsylvania. No trains, but I did have some fun with a basic record shot: ( https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?11,4795551 )


Date: 06/15/19 21:35
Re: it just never gets old
Author: Ritzville

I'm with you, I never tire of seeing 70mph freights zoom by.


Date: 06/16/19 03:13
Re: it just never gets old
Author: zfan

I agree. Many years ago I remember watching a 70 mph UP hotshot flying through Lynndyl,, Utah heading west to L.A.  Pretty cool kicking up dust along the way.  

Date: 06/16/19 10:10
Re: it just never gets old
Author: texchief1

Nice shot, Lance!  He is approaching that big curve.

ranyd Lundgren

Date: 06/16/19 11:03
Re: it just never gets old
Author: santafe199

texchief1 Wrote: > ... approaching that big curve ...

Yipper, he sure is. And that curve has been a magical spot for me lately! Twice in the last few years I've caught perfectly lit, rolling meets on that curve:
( https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,3974313,3974314#msg-3974314 )
( https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,4537498,4537498#msg-4537498 )


Date: 06/16/19 13:44
Re: it just never gets old
Author: Rathole

I couldn't agree more Lance.  Even in this day of look-alike power, seeing a train rolling by at 60 or 70 mph is always enjoyable.   

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