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Date: 06/15/19 17:54
Into the Storm (Almost)
Author: bmarti7

I had the perfect scenario to shoot a westward train going into a thunderstorm with the lightening-lit sky providing the backdrop for the silhouette of the train. The BNSF 5693 West was leading the E-ALMNAM (Alton, IL-North Antelope Mine, WY) with a detour train. The signals west were clear. I picked a crossing about 3 miles west of the Mandan Yard where I could also catch the clear signal. The headlight appeared and its reflection showed up on the stainless steel relay box and the lightening flashes were frequent. The crossing signals lit up and the gates lowered. I'm ready!. But the headlights dimmed and the train stopped about 100 ft. short of the crossing. Then the gates came up. From old highway 10 came a crew. van. I have no idea why they were changing crews west of the terminal. But now the lightening strikes are getting close and the rain started to fall. So I took my shot, sans train, with the clear signal, headlight reflection on the relay box and the lightening-lit sky.. Then I headed out. Being a foamer-in-training, I didn't think of getting a shot of the nose of the 5693 lit-up by the lightening. Oh well. Thanks for reading and looking.


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Date: 06/15/19 18:30
Re: Into the Storm (Almost)
Author: mojaveflyer

Part of the game, Bill! Keep looking, I'm sure eventually you'll get another chance.

James Nelson
Thornton, CO

Date: 06/15/19 21:27
Re: Into the Storm (Almost)
Author: Ritzville

Nice Bill that you were able to get the sky lit up from the lightning. We sure need the rain in the backyard and beyond.


Date: 06/16/19 06:35
Re: Into the Storm (Almost)
Author: rrartist

Nice image Bill! I’m still trying for that train - lighting image myself!

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