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Western Railroad Discussion > Update on locomotive M & R at OERM (SCRM) 6/15/19

Date: 06/16/19 14:42
Update on locomotive M & R at OERM (SCRM) 6/15/19
Author: TomPlatten

We had intended to perform two important tasks on two locomtives yesterday at Carbarn #7. 1) investigate the intermittent wheel slip alarm on SP #1006 and 2) investigate a noisy electric fuel pump on SP Alco S-4 #1474. It became apparent that task #1 was not going to get done because the inspection pit over at Carbarn #4 was occupied. We needed to get SP 1006 on the pit to investigate the traction motor cables on the rear truck. Instead, 1006 stayed in Carbarn 7 and Carl and Frank opted to work on fine tuning the engine compartment hood doors. Some of the doors were misaligned, some latches did not work properly, and most of the doors needed some adjustment. Remember it is an 80 year old locomotive!
Meanwhile, Bob and Tim tackled the noisy fuel pump. Tim suspected that the emergency fuel shut off valve cable had been pulled and he was right. When the locomotive was parked at the front of the museum for many years, operators knew that the emergency shut of valve had probably been pulled because the public could not resist pulling anything they see hanging down from the deck. Now the the locomotive is parked at the rear of the museum that is much less common so we will have to, again, remind the current operators to check that valve when starting the diesel.
Bob and Tim decided it was time to replace the cables which extends from the shut off valve the just below the decks on each side of the locomotive. We had extra cable left over from the SP 1006 project and the crimping fittings to hold the cable in place. Good job and Tim and Bob!

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Date: 06/17/19 07:59
Re: Update on locomotive M & R at OERM (SCRM) 6/15/19
Author: Josta

Thanks, Tom!  80 years is pretty old for a locomotive!

John Acosta
Big Bear Lake, CA

Date: 06/17/19 09:49
Re: Update on locomotive M & R at OERM (SCRM) 6/15/19
Author: TomPlatten

Yup!That is why we took our time to get it right. It still needs some "adjustments"!

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