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Date: 06/16/19 19:08
Boxcar with EC-4
Author: bluesman

I have now seen this box twice through La Grande, OR.  It is apparently for equipment storage or other uses coupled with EC-4 track evaluation car. It seems to have been modified with 100 ton trucks, given a unique classification and painted as I would like to see UP have many other boxcars. I suspect this Pullman Standard built car may have originated with the Rock/CNW. Does anyone have any information to contribute about this car's use and origin?

Date: 06/16/19 19:58
Re: Boxcar with EC-4
Author: MojaveBill

It says "Safety Inspection" on the upper right corner...

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

Date: 06/16/19 20:05
Re: Boxcar with EC-4
Author: blueflag

I don't think it is ex CNW, neither new purchased by CNW nor via a ROCK acquisition.  The end doesn't match.  Maybe an ex RBOX?  It is nice to see a yellow boxcar, even if the wrong shade of yellow in my eyes.

Looks it got roof solar panels and side vents.  Interesting they used a sheet of steel across the ribs, like the old CNW placards, for the UP shield and "Safety Inspection".

Jeff Eggert

Date: 06/17/19 05:40
Re: Boxcar with EC-4
Author: ble692

UP 910701 has been fitted with an autonomous track geometry measurement system. It has been filled with 21 inches of concrete and weighs about 100 tons. Plans are to build more of these cars.

Date: 06/17/19 11:16
Re: Boxcar with EC-4
Author: PHall

Looks like solar panels on the roof too.

Date: 06/17/19 19:50
Re: Boxcar with EC-4
Author: Pinlifter

I like BNSF's auto baggage car better.  ;-)  Kind of ironic that the guys that helped spearhead the autonomous movement for railroads (by GPS everything), have now no put themselves out of a job.  

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