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Western Railroad Discussion > Counts - BNSF vs UP in Arizona - 08/11/2019

Date: 08/12/19 21:54
Counts - BNSF vs UP in Arizona - 08/11/2019
Author: RailFanAZ

Good Evening, 

Attached is the data for the month of August 2019 with data updated to 08/11/2019 here in Arizona.  The numbers on the left hand side and plot points for that given day was processed by the system.  Please keep in mind, these are not "official numbers" by the railroad, however, the counts come from certain control points along the Subdivisions that are in Arizona (BNSF - Seligman Sub and UP - Gila Sub).  UP has other routes in and out of California which make up for the less traffic volumes along the Gila Subdivision.  There are older posts that have additional information from other TO Members that know about the other routes.  Top Graph is Non-Phoenix Trains (transcon).  Bottom Graph is Phoenix Trains. 

Topics with additional information (Thanks to Fellow TO Members): 
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RailFanning UP & BNSF, AZ

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