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Date: 09/10/19 09:07
BNSF 8498 Meets NP 2164
Author: bmarti7

Last Friday, I enjoyed a sunny afternoon in Central North Dakota. https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,4862381 It would be the last sunshine until this morning (9-10-19). BTW there is such a thing as too much rain. Some of our crops cannot be harvested due to the wet conditions and some grain elevators are advising the farmers to just leave their crops in the ground because their cost to harvest would exceed what the elevator would pay right now. Also our sump pump at home didn't keep up as well.

I had a dental appointment in South Bismarck this morning, Returning to work in the northern part of the city, I spotted a light coming east into downtown Bismarck. It was the BNSF 8498 east leading a loaded coal train. I was able to catch it passing the NP 2164 in the Camp Hancock Historic Park. Camp Hancock was established in 1872 to provide military support for the Northern Pacific's westward expansion. The church building is from Bismarck's first church, The Bread of Life Church (Episcopal,) built in 1881 and relocated to the park in 1965. Thanks for looking. The clouds and rain return tonight


Date: 09/10/19 09:36
Re: BNSF 8498 Meets NP 2164
Author: Ritzville

Nice looking meet with the 2164. Sorry to hear the rain interfered with the harvest in your area. We were lucky, harvest was done before the rains hit.


Date: 09/10/19 12:54
Re: BNSF 8498 Meets NP 2164
Author: rrartist

Oh the possibility of back to the future, nice image there Bill.

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