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Date: 10/06/19 16:58
FWRY Question
Author: D0wnt1me

Does Filmore and Western run any holiday trains with their steam power? Im assuming they reserve it for special runs but if they do use it on regular weekend service whats the schedule for those? Also, suggestions for filming locations along their route are also greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)

Date: 10/06/19 20:42
Re: FWRY Question
Author: SP4360

They do have a website.

Date: 10/06/19 20:51
Re: FWRY Question
Author: D0wnt1me

Yes, and after checking their website simply to find that they have no steam running currently, I came here to see if they ran their holiday trains with steam power

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Date: 10/06/19 21:30
Re: FWRY Question
Author: PHall

They usually advertise their holiday runs on their website and here on Train Orders too.
It's a bit early for the announcements. They'll probably happen after Holloween.

Date: 10/08/19 07:16
Re: FWRY Question
Author: webmaster

They have all their Christmas schedules up and no steam. However, in past years they have run a steam powered Santa publicity trip to Montalvo and back to Fillmore.  Here is one such excursion:  https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?10,4423844,4423844#4423844


Todd Clark
Canyon Country, CA

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