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Date: 11/09/19 11:15
Ghost Lights
Author: Auburnrail

Light shafts streaming into Boiler Shop  at old SP Sacramento Locomotive Works  building in Sacramento.
Does this just for a sort time at this sun angle. I like the way it illuminates the
top roof rafters. The building is well over 100 years old.
George Andrassy

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Date: 11/09/19 14:36
Re: Ghost Lights
Author: Copy19


Date: 11/09/19 19:19
Re: Ghost Lights
Author: CM80-46

Imagine all the men who made a decent living, and women, especially during WWll in this facility?!

Date: 11/10/19 07:26
Re: Ghost Lights
Author: santafe199

I can well imagine the voices of the many 100s of former SP workers who once plied their collective trades in this shop, and once saw these same sunlight shafts. They're all calling out in unison:

"Bravo George, well done!"


Date: 11/10/19 17:26
Re: Ghost Lights
Author: Odyssey

Thanks for sharing the image ...

Another one of those right place at the right time images ...
Well done!

Evergreen, CO

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