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Western Railroad Discussion > The luckiest hawk in Kansas

Date: 11/26/19 10:14
The luckiest hawk in Kansas
Author: bmarti7

I was traveling east on US 50, just passing a grain train at Walton, when......
Taken on Sunday, Nov. 17


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Date: 11/26/19 10:40
Re: The luckiest hawk in Kansas
Author: Ritzville

Glad you missed the hawk Bill! On coming train must have scared the hawk.


Date: 11/26/19 12:01
Re: The luckiest hawk in Kansas
Author: rgzfan

Raptors are awesome. I'm going to start a new site: hawkorders.com

Date: 11/26/19 12:29
Re: The luckiest hawk in Kansas
Author: OregonOldGuy

Ritzville Wrote:
> Glad you missed the hawk Bill! On coming train
> must have scared the hawk.
> Larry

Trains do scare up the wildlife!  A chase for me back in 1992 following a Rio Grande Coal Train east of Hayden, CO,   Rolling along thrugh a river bottom area, the train spooked three or four deer that naturally, came up and over the highway right in front of me.  Pucker moment, especially not knowing if there were more coming up out of the brush.  Fortuneately, none were to come.  We just don't know from moment to moment.


Date: 11/26/19 13:35
Re: The luckiest hawk in Kansas
Author: hawkinsun

I'm glad the hawk made it too.   They are still mistreated by so many unknowing people.  They do way more good than harm.   I used to hunt with them as a teenager when I lived in Illinois.  They were really fun and personable critters with individual personalities just like cats, dogs or even people.  They can actually befriend their trainer and look forward to your interaction with them.  Those were good times.  I was able to hunt for rabbits and phesants in areas that guns weren't allowed.  I had a really crazy female Red Tailed Hawk that negotiated the trains well, and actually flew under a moving Milwaukee Road freight train, and caught a rabbit on the other side of the track.  The chase, and the strategy with the bird were the most fun, and not the killing.  If only just caught and not hurt, we often let the game go.  Kind of like fishing with barbless hooks, catch and release.

Craig Hanson
Vay, Idaho

Date: 12/27/19 14:40
Re: The luckiest hawk in Kansas
Author: snoopy51

I was on my motor bike one Sunday at about 8 am on a country back road,
come around a gentle right hand-er doing about 75 mph and there on the road in front off me was a wedge, eagle 
tearing a rabbit to bits , it spotted me and took off about 50 feet in front of me ,I soon got close to it about 3 feet .
it turned its head and dropped the  torn-up rabbit right in my lap ...yuck blood and guts every where. and took off..
I stopped and put the rabbit on road  and cried out ....... you left this behind.  loll
it took 3 washes to get rid off the smell and stain.

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