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Date: 11/30/19 23:14
Steam & steel in motion
Author: santafe199

If you’ve ever seen the 4014, or any other steam locomotive in person anywhere during its travels and failed to pay attention to the valve gear & drive rods you just plain missed the show. It a highly sophisticated dance of inter-connected, finely balanced chunks of steel, powered by super-heated water that will have you in total awe…

1. UP 4014 glides stately across 1st St in Wakeeney, KS (wah-KEE-knee) on November 22, 2019.

Thanks for looking!
Lance Garrels

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Date: 12/01/19 05:26
Re: Steam & steel in motion
Author: trainman

Everything that gives it motion is right there for anyone to see . Totally fascinating !

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Date: 12/01/19 06:02
Re: Steam & steel in motion
Author: santafe199

trainman Wrote: > ... Totally fascinating ...

During a given steam engine's pass-by it seems the natural human tendency is to look at the huge plume of steam, something never seen before by most people in the crowd. But during my multi-day chase I took the opportunity to tell anyone I could to be sure and look down at the drive rod motion as the train was approaching. I had one lady in western Kansas give me the "OMG, you're right" reaction with a huge smile on her face. I felt like I had done my good deed for the day...  :^)


Date: 12/01/19 21:02
Re: Steam & steel in motion
Author: ATSFSuperChief

Definitely a good deed. It is nice to keep the general public knowledge increased, hopefully to increase the nation's knowledge. (Blind Hope!!) 
Also the reverse link shows the position of travel for the valves. This photo would show low travel for valves, shorter admission. On starting a heavy freight train without diesels this would have been at end of travel, then as speed was increasing the valve travel would be reduced by moving the "Johnson Bar" backwards (for forward motion) to reduce valve travel and increase fuel efficiency.

Don Allender

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