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Date: 01/11/20 19:36
Railroad Radio Transmissions
Author: ns2557

A good friend who works for a shortline here in Colorado asked me a question earlier tonight. He wants to know if their is an actual FRA Rule on RR Radio that prohibits Obscene/foul/Inappropriate transmissions. I can find such things in the GCOR/NORAC RR Rule Books but he is interested in anything in regards to this in FRA Regs. I know there are some comments/interpretations in regards to this in FCC Regs, (he says he can find those but says they are very vague in his opinion.). Told him I would find out what I could and let him know.  This gent does have a very colorful language, fitting of a RR'er/Trk Drvr/Sailor/ insert what ya what and he must have got himself in a bind so to speak. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ben

Date: 01/11/20 19:56
Re: Railroad Radio Transmissions
Author: nickatnight

Can't speak to FRA regs about this but am aware of the FCC rules. I wonder if (it is presumed that) the FCC covers all radio transmissions and therefore separate regulations would be considered superfluous. 


Date: 01/11/20 20:06
Re: Railroad Radio Transmissions
Author: swingnose

§ 220.43 Radio communications consistent with federal regulations and railroad operating rules.
Radio communication shall not be used in connection with a railroad operation in a manner which conflicts with the requirements of this part, Federal Communication Commission regulations, or the railroad's operating rules. The use of citizen band radios for railroad operating purposes is prohibited.

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Date: 01/11/20 22:01
Re: Railroad Radio Transmissions
Author: fbe

George Carlin pretty much covered them all.

Date: 01/12/20 21:56
Re: Railroad Radio Transmissions
Author: roustabout

GCOR rule 2.11 says: (Prohibited Transmissions) Employees must not transmit a false emergency, or an unnecessary or unidentified communication. Employees must not use indecent language over the radio. Employees must not reveal the existence,contents, or meaning of any communication (except emergency communications) to persons other than those it is intended for or those whose duties may require knowing about it.

Emphasis is mine.

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Date: 01/12/20 22:11
Re: Railroad Radio Transmissions
Author: MP683

It’s covered under the FCC. Most railroad radio rules follow this.

Not every railroad adopts GCOR or NORAC rules, but their radio license is subject to FCC rules as noted above.

The FRA can also test on radio procedures. One of our guys got a talking to on his radio equette.

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Date: 01/12/20 23:14
Re: Railroad Radio Transmissions
Author: PHall

The FCC regulates ALL civilian radio communications. This does include the railroads.

Date: 01/13/20 20:01
Re: Railroad Radio Transmissions
Author: DNRY122

It's been almost 50 years since I worked in the Santa Fe Radio Shop in San Bernardino, but I still don't do direct quotations from communications I heard when I was there and monitored road channel calls.  My FCC Radiotelephone Operator license expired many years ago, so there's probably not much that could be done if I quoted verbatim, but old habits die hard.

There's a story from many years ago about the Yardmaster calling a switching crew and asking, "What's going on up there?" Engineer answers, "We're all @#$!! up here!"  "Unit that was just on the air!  Identify yourself!" "We may be @#$!! up but we're not that @#$!! up."

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