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Date: 01/13/20 09:30
Oxnard CA Moment
Author: erielackawanna

Driving up to visit my mom in Santa Barbara on Saturday 1/11, I was taking 5th into Oxnard when I saw a clear signal, so set up for a quick grab of what turned out to be the Coast Starlight with a P40DC leader. Of course the only way to tell a P40 from a P42 is the road number, but still, "cool."

On the way back to the 101, found a pristine GP60 in the yard for the Oxnard Local work.


Date: 01/13/20 22:15
Re: Oxnard CA Moment
Author: coach

Is there much reefer traffic leaving Oxnard these days??  Still lots of farms down there growing produce.

Date: 01/13/20 22:19
Re: Oxnard CA Moment
Author: PHall

Oh yeah, there's tons of produce grown on the Oxnard plain. And it all moves by truck.

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