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Date: 02/02/20 19:23
A Few Recent . . .
Author: SCKP187

I've managed to find a few trains on the UP Wagoner Sub in daylight hours, but they seem few a far apart these days.
1.     UP 7376-6716-7246 MSANP near Clem Siding just south of Nowata OK on our normal cloudy days
2.     UP 6716 recently shopped and re-painted---last time I shot it, it was in C&NW paint 
3.     A new symbol on this part of the system, MDNCB (denison tx ? Ray Yard ?) UP 8650-5889 heads a short train out of Nowata headed for a crew change in Coffeyville KS

more to follow . .

Date: 02/02/20 19:27
Re: A Few Recent . . .
Author: SCKP187

4.     I always like the coal trains---BNSF 6381-6221 WFCX  coal headed south at Sapulpa OK and will be handed over to the Kiamichi RR to deliver to Ft. Townsend OK power plant.
5.     EMD DPUs BNSF 9612-9321 pushing the coal south.

Thanks for looking
Brian Stevens

Date: 02/02/20 19:58
Re: A Few Recent . . .
Author: bmarti7

Nice shots Brian-thanks for posting. I agree about those coal trains, especially when they have shiny aluminum hoppers.


Date: 02/02/20 20:26
Re: A Few Recent . . .
Author: Ritzville

Glad you're able to get out a finds aome trains Brian. I also like your coal train, especially the DPU EMD units.


Date: 02/02/20 22:51
Re: A Few Recent . . .
Author: RailFanAZ

Nice Series Brian! Thanks for Sharing.

Christi Rossi
RailFanning UP & BNSF In CA, AZ

Date: 02/03/20 05:57
Re: A Few Recent . . .
Author: santafe199

I gotta say: the boxy lines of that 8650 kinda-sorta look good in banana yellow... ;^)


Date: 02/04/20 08:27
Re: A Few Recent . . .
Author: SP8595

The Sun always shines on the BNSF:}

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