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Date: 03/21/20 14:23
Dunsmuir area ?
Author: JAmtrak

 Hey. Never been to Dunsmuir. I am going next weekend. Any1 with any info on train activity / places to eat, etc, please share. I am kinda new to California. Any info greatly appreciated. TIA/ AIA / KFC

Date: 03/21/20 14:51
Re: Dunsmuir area ?
Author: radar

Stay home, California is closed.  There's a shelter in place order in effect until further notice.

Date: 03/21/20 15:22
Re: Dunsmuir area ?
Author: TCnR

Amtrak or by car?

For starters, on PhotoBob's website they have an early copy of the Dunsmuir Photoguide put together by Bruce Petty and Bob Morris:

This is kinda dated but links to businesses in the area:

There's also a rental listed in the TO classified ads.

Also try that well known video website with the initials YT, use their search for Dunsmuir Rail Cam. Trains seem to be around 8 am and 4 pm, plus or minus a whole bunch.

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Date: 03/21/20 17:16
Re: Dunsmuir area ?
Author: 4thDistrict

All restaurants should be closed other than take out. Many hotels are also closed, not because they are ordered to, but because tourism and business travel have been reduced so much that hotel owners can't afford to stay open. Stores are closed if they aren't essential. 

Most of California is taking this shelter-in-place order seriously. This is not a good time to be visiting for railfan activities since we are trying to avoid the spread of this virus. Please be respectful of the inhabiitents of the areas you want to visit by postponing your visit until this is all over. No one knows who are carriers of the virus. It might be you and you don't even know it. 

radar Wrote:
> Stay home, California is closed.  There's a
> shelter in place order in effect until further
> notice.

Date: 03/21/20 17:48
Re: Dunsmuir area ?
Author: Soo715

As others have said, stay at home! Taking a railfan trip right now is not only illegal it is unwise and unethical.

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Date: 03/21/20 22:53
Re: Dunsmuir area ?
Author: cchan006

JAmtrak Wrote:
>  I am kinda new> to California. Any info greatly appreciated. TIA/

Where are you coming from? TCnR above has given you good tips.

I was reading COVID-19 status in Oregon before I cancelled my Winterail reservations. In hindsight, I shouldn't have cancelled, since Oregon government has looser restrictions in place for this weekend. Anyway, I suggest you do the same, and in today's "Information Age," it should be easy to find online newspapers covering stories on wherever location you plan on going. (Hint: try Mt. Shasta Herald for the Dunsmuir area).

I've received e-mails from some hotel chains regarding reservations. Some are honoring reservations made before the "shelter-in-place" orders took effect, but are not allowing new reservations until end of the month starting this week. Restaurant restrictions aren't as bad as it sounds if you don't mind fast food and drive-thru, but as with hotels, some have decided to close on their own due to slow business, so you may encounter some challenges. Grocery stores are open (mandated as essential), so you won't go hungry, but they are operating on reduced hours.

This is all based on firsthand observations while I drove around my area (Silicon Valley) during grocery outings, to see what local businesses have been doing. I exercised "shelter-in-car."

Having said all that, I recommend you delay your visit due to the inconvenience, and to exercise courtesy by minimizing exposure to yourself and others. I haven't bought into the hysteria (it's illegal, don't kill me so stay away, etc.), but I, too am trying to obey the orders for the time being, until things recover.

Date: 03/21/20 23:39
Re: Dunsmuir area ?
Author: JAmtrak

 Hey, Travel by car. I am acutely aware of lock downs, travel restrictions, Corona / Modelo, etc. 
 I am compelled to travel to this area by the 29th of this month. I do not have the luxury of choice. 

Date: 03/22/20 09:07
Re: Dunsmuir area ?
Author: TCnR

The regional TV stations respond a lot faster than other news sites. btw Siskiyou county has joined the numbers game with two confirmed cases.

Redding:   https://krcrtv.com/

Medford:   https://kobi5.com/

From what I'm reading this whole thing is still changing quickly, keep informed but don't burn out.

Date: 03/22/20 17:03
Re: Dunsmuir area ?
Author: pbouzide

Social isolation by car isn't unsafe, but you could run afoul of authorities,

I was stir crazy yesterday so when out on a drive with my wife around Mt. Diablo then to Lathrop. Driving by Oakland caught BNSF ocean boxes and autoracks coming into Oakland. Stuff going on with an eastbound being assembled in the IM terminal at Lathrop but nothing rolling.

Date: 03/22/20 17:18
Re: Dunsmuir area ?
Author: WJEX

You obviously don't understand what shelter in place means, it's not about YOU. It's about ALL of us.

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