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Date: 05/19/20 14:57
Passing Generations
Author: rrartist

Some "new" local power showed up last week and I was finally able to capture it leading yesterday morning leading the North Local, BNSF 2742, ex BN 2752, ex ex BN 2224, nee CB&Q 947! This locomotive probably ran through here in her Chinese Red days! On to this afternoon with CP 680, CP 7013, ex CP 9126 shown here at Homer MN.

Date: 05/19/20 15:00
Re: Passing Generations
Author: rrartist

Here are three more views of CP 680 with the CP 7013, the top image is Lamoille MN and finally into the sun at Dakota MN.  Have a GREAT week!!!

Date: 05/19/20 15:07
Re: Passing Generations
Author: texchief1

Nice shots,, Jim!  Wish I had a pretty place like 4 and 5 to  go to around here.  Nice location.

Randy Lundgren

Date: 05/19/20 15:34
Re: Passing Generations
Author: PasadenaSub

Beautiful images of the CP Heritage along the river.


Date: 05/19/20 16:59
Re: Passing Generations
Author: bobk

Great shots!

Date: 05/19/20 21:09
Re: Passing Generations
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE and enjoyable series!!


Date: 05/23/20 18:07
Re: Passing Generations
Author: ns1000

I like Pic 5!!

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