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Western Railroad Discussion > BNSF Ballast train passing Royal Gorge

Date: 05/21/20 13:38
BNSF Ballast train passing Royal Gorge
Author: ns2557

After getting up early today to chase the RRRR Rock Train east bound we were headed back home when we heard another train coming into town. Knowing it had to be a WB as we just came from the west and there was nothing that way, we were not sure what it could be.  To both our surprise RRRR was running a BNSF Ballast Train west for loading at the Martin Marietta Quarry at Parkdale Co. Always thought a shot from Canon City's 4th St Bridge would be a good shot if one could catch a wb off the bridge.  That we did this morning. Here is BNSF 4117 with BNSF 9225 and 52 Empty Ballast Cars making there way thru the Station area and passing what is to be the lead unit on the WB Royal Gorge Tourist Train when it starts running here real soon.  Not every day anymore where one can catch a freight on the Main here, altho this is the siding here in shot. A great day today along the rails. 2 freights thru town where usually only 1 runs.  Take care,  Ben

Date: 05/22/20 07:41
Re: BNSF Ballast train passing Royal Gorge
Author: wesleygreer

Sweet catch Ben, great shot!

Date: 05/26/20 21:01
Re: BNSF Ballast train passing Royal Gorge
Author: Pinlifter

BNSF is doing a lot of track work around Pueblo.  Ive noticed all their ballast trains are being loaded through Martin.  You've probably seen the same thing.  Its an interesting change vs getting the ballast from Granite WY.   Cool to see the TP line active!

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