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Date: 05/21/20 19:46
Peavine local for today.
Author: arizonaBNSF

Got the chance to head out and do some railfanning along the BNSF Phoenix Subdivision. Caught the local coming back toward Phoenix after finishing up with the Arizona & California interchange. Not a very long train and it was cool to see it running with only two motors. 

1) Passing Lizard Acres after meeting the Z-PHXWSP at Beardsley. After nearly a decade of inactivity, the lumber customer at Lizard Acres has started receiving bulkheads of lumber again recently.
2) Another shot of the head end at Lizard Acres passing a long out of use spur branching off from the siding. 
3) The train passing the former site of Marinette (now Sun City) where an old RR bridge that crossed the drainage ditch here still stands. Not sure how long the track has been gone, but one can still see rise in the road and the break in the curbing in the road that parallels the track just out of view to my right. 

**I recently got a new digital camera that is a lot more advanced than my old camera so I'm still trying to get the hang of it. These photos came out really bright and I tried to darken them a bit using photo editing software, but the brightness level is still sort of off on these.**

Date: 05/21/20 19:53
Re: Peavine local for today.
Author: callum_out

The yard at Lizard Acres was doing a heck of a business when I moved out of Surprise in 2007 but that was about the time that the boittom
fell out of construction, glad it's back.


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