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Date: 05/22/20 21:09
NM Railcams on ATSF Line Trinidad-Lamy
Author: dtoeppen

Does anyone know if there are any railcams on the ATSF line?

I'm trying to shoot a film at 706. I want to catch the signal movements. In a perfect world, I'd have a spotter at about Maxwell and another at about Levy, who would call me with exact time the train passed, so I can know when to start my camera. 

I can't just guess or go off schedule, because a 400' roll of film only lasts 5.5 minutes. If I start rolling too early, I run out of film before blades go vertical after train passed.

If there was a webcam somwhere, I could at least narrow down the start time window based on assumption that train on line with no traffic will have little/no travel time variance for a short distance.

I thought about trying to get one of the gas station attendants at Wagon Mound to call me with exact time of passage, sometime within a few min of it passing, for maybe $20, and something similar in Maxwell or a few miles north of Springer.

But if there were webcams...well, that would be the best situation.

Thanks in advance for any help/ideas.

Date: 05/23/20 09:13
Re: NM Railcams on ATSF Line Trinidad-Lamy
Author: BNSF6400

There is no webcams on that line unfortunately.  With only two movements per day (Amtrak each way), they would be the loneliest railcams in the country.  If you have more than one day to work with.  I would try to see if I could hear a nearby detector go off and time it off of that.  The use of a stranger nearby would be to me, given the limitations you stated, too big of a what-if for me to depend on.  Also is their even cell phone coverage at the location you want to do this at?  There is a lot of factors involved.

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Date: 05/24/20 18:02
Re: NM Railcams on ATSF Line Trinidad-Lamy
Author: dtoeppen

Thanks for the reply. I've decided to rely on timing. There seems to be very low variance in RAT-706 travel time.

There is much more variance in the travel time from LVS to 706.

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