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Date: 06/25/20 17:46
Flathead Tunnel Door
Author: Amtk204west

I forgot to add this to my post about Cascade and Flathead Tunnels. Is there anyone here who has video of the door and ventilation system in operation at Flathead Tunnel? There are sure enough videos at Cascade but I cannot find any video of the Flathead Tunnel door in operation. Seen railfan videos of train entering/exiting the tunnel but they shut their cameras off before the vetilation fans kick on and door close

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Date: 06/25/20 20:14
Re: Flathead Tunnel Door
Author: JDRumley

You can find video of Cascade thuune on Youtube. Not sure of Flathead.

Date: 06/25/20 21:59
Re: Flathead Tunnel Door
Author: zaltwsp7

Sorry no video of mine to post, but I would imagine it would be a similar process to Cascade Tunnel.
A video program I have from 7idea Productions Kootenai River Sub shows the Flathead Tunnel.
An oil train passed through. The door closed from top to bottom. As soon as it shut the ventilation process began.
Hope this helped a bit.

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Date: 06/26/20 07:48
Re: Flathead Tunnel Door
Author: ntharalson

The above post is the first I've heard of the operations at the Flathead Tunnel, although I'm sure there are more such commercial videos.  However, the east end of the Flathead Tunnel, where the door in question is located, is a semi-tough spot to get to and not a lot of fans get there so you will have a difficult time finding amater videos taken there.  Just saying.  

Nick Tharalson,
Marion, IA

Date: 06/26/20 08:07
Re: Flathead Tunnel Door
Author: WAF

Until they put up cameras, you could walk to it

Date: 06/26/20 08:42
Re: Flathead Tunnel Door
Author: JDRumley

Here are links to a couple of Youtube videos

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