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Date: 07/06/20 20:16
Tehachapi Trains
Author: Bnsf-up

Thinking about driving up to Tehachapi on Thursday of this week. Has there been much action?

Date: 07/06/20 21:12
Re: Tehachapi Trains
Author: DKay

It's been busy today,have checked in on the webcams a few times ,and always something happening.

Date: 07/07/20 07:24
Re: Tehachapi Trains
Author: Curt

I've been thinking of doing the same, and have been trying to monitor the webcam for action during the daylight hours for about the past week.  Seems that there been track work with many trains crossing over to track 2 at Tehachapi, and MOW trains passing by.  My (very unoffcial) counts seems to be averaging about 15-18 trains/day, again for daylight hours.  Someone with a more official count would be appreciated. 

Date: 07/07/20 07:56
Re: Tehachapi Trains
Author: sanjacmodels

morning or afternoon for been slow


Date: 07/07/20 09:20
Re: Tehachapi Trains
Author: SCUfoamer

This is in no way offical, but in the last 15 years I have been going to Tehachapi at least 2-3/year. You will always find trains in the morning and the afteroon - into the evening. There is almost always a work window from roughly 10am-2 or 3pm. I reccomend hanging out around Bealeville in the early afternoon. That way you will be able to hear west bound trains on Cliff and east bound trains at Caliente (giving you almost 10 miles of visual/audible coverage). There are also many meets staged here with the small sections of single track at Caliente and Cliff. The action is decent there most afternoons. This isnt insider knowledge, just years of watching trains. Be prepared to do something else midday. I usually read, hike with the dog, or go into downtown Tehachapi. 

Date: 07/07/20 10:05
Re: Tehachapi Trains
Author: callum_out

There's been an ongoing work window for tie replacement. They let a couple hot trains through in the morning, it slows down during
the day as the DS tries to work around the closed areas and then picks back up after the MOW guys give up their time, after 3 or so.
The UP hot Z LCLT comes through Tehachapi around 4 - 4:30 and that doiesn't get delayed.


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Date: 07/07/20 19:00
Re: Tehachapi Trains
Author: Bnsf-up

Thanks everyone for the information

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