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Date: 07/31/20 21:11
Uneventful UP Traffic
Author: BNSF-6432

During an afternoon drive down to Tahlequah, OK last week I caught a few UP trains on the Cheorkee Sub while in route. Usually UP is good for foreign power or something interesting in the area, but nothing was out of the ordinary.

1) A southbound freight passes through Muskogee, OK about to go under an older bridge that once carried streetcars over the MKT.

2) After waiting on the first train to clear, a second freight pulls up main 1 preparing to make a 40 car set out into the Muskogee Yard.

3) Just south of Wagoner, OK, a northbound ethanol train enters town.

Date: 07/31/20 21:14
Re: Uneventful UP Traffic
Author: BNSF-6432

4) As the ethanol train connects onto the former MP at Wagoner to go north, a local that sliped away made the connection from the MKT to the MP to head south.


Date: 07/31/20 23:14
Re: Uneventful UP Traffic
Author: mg8711

That third shot with that big cumulonimbus/anvil cloud is awesome!

Date: 08/01/20 04:41
Re: Uneventful UP Traffic
Author: texchief1

Nice shots!

Randy Lundgren

Date: 08/01/20 16:20
Re: Uneventful UP Traffic
Author: SCKP187

Nice catches—that area has been pretty sporadic lately and neat shot of the local (VanBuren?) slipping out.
Brian Stevens

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