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Date: 10/16/20 04:10
F Unit Friday
Author: MILW86A

MILW 94A with engineer Al Mangler leads Train 107 thru the weeds of the Iowa Division Main at Morely Iowa Sept 2 1979. Dennis Hertrich photo from my collection,


Date: 10/16/20 04:56
Re: F Unit Friday
Author: CNW8531

Great shot I love it!  But sad at the same time as being so close to the end for that line.

Date: 10/16/20 07:27
Re: F Unit Friday
Author: Rmosele

Gosh, that picture says Milwaukee Road all over it! I grew up next to the main line in Indiana (ex CTH&SE) and it looked just like that in 1979. No F units, though, but the homemade GP20s.

Date: 10/16/20 12:56
Re: F Unit Friday
Author: krm152

That is the kind of photo I really like to see on TO.
Thanks a million for your posting.

Date: 10/16/20 14:13
Re: F Unit Friday
Author: SP8595

Wow! Neat shot however.

Date: 10/16/20 19:16
Re: F Unit Friday
Author: ChrisCampi

Really neat shot. If EMD had a mower attachment....this would be the place for it.

Date: 11/08/20 20:40
Re: F Unit Friday
Author: MILW

On the southeastern. the Fs were common in the early 70's.

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