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Date: 10/16/20 15:14
2fer Today . . .
Author: SCKP187

Today's UP Wagoner and Cherokee Subs had a lot of activity.  Heritage Units on both lines and a 3rd I caught by surprise.  There was so much going on with the Wagoner Sub I missed UP 1982 over on the Cherokee Sub leaving Parson with an ethanol train.

1.     Fron Oct 13 UP 5454 MSANP was at John Deere (the location in South Coffeyville OK where inspections are done before going into Coffeyville KS yard) under blue flag/light protection.

2.     Not far behind was UP 7616 mt grain at Talala OK with a destination of WaKeeney KS

3.     This morning Oct 16 began at Lenapah OK with UP 8115-FXE 4081-UP 6778-7480--a 13000ft train with 3 mid-train DPUs

several more to follow . .

Date: 10/16/20 15:22
Re: 2fer Today . . .
Author: SCKP187

4.     Even more dupe numbers, UP 4848-7285 amoung the traffic through Lenapah OK

5.     UP 2001-FXE 4092 was today's MSANP at Coffeyville KS--and a pleasure to see this specialty paint job again

6.     UP 5581-9043-6769 wait at a crossing near Lenapah for their dog-catch crew and van

more to follow . .

Date: 10/16/20 15:26
Re: 2fer Today . . .
Author: SCKP187

7.     UP 6070-6212-6213-1988  OT1W1 was a surprise in that I wasn't aware the Heritage 1988 was in the consist---departing Nowata OK on its way to a crossing ahead to await their dog-catch crew

8&9  UP 1988

Thanks for looking
Brian Stevens

Date: 10/16/20 15:33
Re: 2fer Today . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

Not a bad day.

Date: 10/16/20 19:41
Re: 2fer Today . . .
Author: Ritzville

You had quite an outing trackside with lots of action going on with variety. Nice to see the Heritage units and the Ferromex. Haven't see a Ferromex unit in a long while in the backyard.


Date: 10/17/20 08:28
Re: 2fer Today . . .
Author: SP8595

Nice catches! UP 4848 is a notch nose SD70m that has the "FIRE" computer screens.

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