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Date: 11/19/20 10:31
Wives Don't Need to Know Everything
Author: TexBob

So I was catching up on some streaming last night when the phone rings at 2230 with news that CP 9772 was leading a northbound
BNSF train out of Alvin, TX, about 35 miles south of me.
My first reaction was to blow it off because it was late and I'm old, but then I remembered YOLO. Typically, I'd tell my wife early in the evening
when I know 
I'm going to flash a train, but she was already asleep, and I sure as hell wasn't going to wake her to tell her that I was leaving.
I quickly gathered what I needed and got on the road to Rosenberg, TX, arriving there a bit after 2300. I noticed a Rosenberg PD SUV
parked across from where I would be setting up my lights on the edge of the road. I felt it was prudent to advise him (not ask for permission)
what I was doing, adding that I knew that he would be wondering "WTF is that fool doing". He laughed and said he was cool with it.

I set up quickly, doing my test shot at 2317. Six minutes later, CP AC4400CW 9772 led the UGATTFL by the south switch of Rosenberg siding.
A quick tear-down and I was back home just before midnight, my wife still soundly asleep and no wiser to my adventure.

Disclaimer: None of the above should be considered as marriage or relationship advice!

Robert Pierce
Sugar Land, TX

Date: 11/19/20 11:04
Re: Wives Don't Need to Know Everything
Author: tomstp

By this time you probably have a few crews "jumpy" at whether they will get flashed or not. I do appreciate your dedication.

Date: 11/19/20 12:41
Re: Wives Don't Need to Know Everything
Author: E25

Nice work, Robert.

Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

Date: 11/19/20 17:02
Re: Wives Don't Need to Know Everything
Author: MEKoch

And when you wife says at the breakfast table:  Honey, I got up to go to the bathroom at 11:30 p.m. and the bed was cold, and you were gone.  SO, what train was up?   (Show her the pic at Rosenberg...............)  And tell her that the PD can verify.

Date: 11/19/20 17:11
Re: Wives Don't Need to Know Everything
Author: PHall

The title of this thread has probably been heard in just about every divorce attorney's office out there.

Date: 11/19/20 17:40
Re: Wives Don't Need to Know Everything
Author: oyw

Way to go you sneaky devil!:)

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