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Date: 11/19/20 14:33
SCRM Fairbanks Morse Zebra Scheme
Author: D-Althaus

As  many of you know, we are restoring to operation SF560, a 1957 FM H12-44 with the paint scheme that it was delivered with from the factory. While chipping off old paint, we could see slight shadows of the original stripes. They measure to be about 8.25" wide. From the pictures we have, we should be able to closely place the stripe tape when painting. Does anyone have, or know where to get, the drawings describing the Zebra scheme? The other issue that I see mentioned in discussions is related to the use of white or silver (aluminum) for the stripes and pin-striping. Somewhere someone mentioned that they thought the pin-striping was silver and the stripes white. Does anyone have what they know to be the correct information?https://socalrailway.org/collections/santa-fe-railway/560-details/


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Date: 11/19/20 15:36
Re: SCRM Fairbanks Morse Zebra Scheme
Author: masterphots

I suggest you find a copy of Stephen Priest's Santa Fe Ry Diesel Locomotive Painting & Lettering Guide for Model Railroaders.   pp 60-61 address the FM switchers like yours.  A drawing on page 61 shows the same model FM and he states that they were delivered from Beloit with both aluminum and white paint being used, per specs.

Date: 11/19/20 17:13
Re: SCRM Fairbanks Morse Zebra Scheme
Author: BobP

I remember seeing them going down Slausen at Vermont avenue when I was kid going to Sears across the street.

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