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Western Railroad Discussion > Seventy seven and one day.

Date: 01/10/21 17:25
Seventy seven and one day.
Author: photobob

I just saw all the Happy Birthday's  you guys sent me yesterday.  It just shows how much I look at the Western Board. Thanks for all your kind and unkind remarks and it is "All Crap Now"......

Robert Morris
Dunsmuir, CA
Robert Morris Photography

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Date: 01/10/21 17:36
Re: Seventy seven and one day.
Author: J.Ferris

Bob you have nothing on Jack Benny... you don't look a day over 37. Happy B'day, and keep taking pics!


Date: 01/10/21 17:38
Re: Seventy seven and one day.
Author: DynamicBrake

"Tail End Charlie" wishes you a Happy B-day Bob.  Hope you had a great one!

Kent in CArmel Valley

Date: 01/10/21 18:20
Re: Seventy seven and one day.
Author: dmaffei

At his book signing at Dunsmuir depot a year or so ago. "Will there be snacks?" ... " I'm there"

Date: 01/11/21 08:06
Re: Seventy seven and one day.
Author: tomstp

Does the "man" eat that or is he selling it?

Date: 01/11/21 09:31
Re: Seventy seven and one day.
Author: 3rdswitch

Way to go, you have beaten the American average. The bible tells us the days of man shalll be thee score and ten (70) and, if you remain healthy, you may live to eighty. May it be eighty plus.

Date: 01/11/21 11:59
Re: Seventy seven and one day.
Author: phthithu

Look at Photobob munching on a delicious Red Vine. In the pre-Crap days the firm that created that wonderful confection was situated in San Francisco and served by the SP in what came to be numbered Zone 2. American Licorice Co., track 216, spot 23. Tank cars only for American Licorice Co.! So I guess the finished product was trucked to local markets, candy stores, movie theaters, and so forth.  

Date: 01/13/21 15:25
Re: Seventy seven and one day.
Author: phthithu

This article showed up today on the SFGate website. It's about American Licorice and the Crapatization of San Francisco via industry leaving for bigger digs in cheaper cities.

"Red Vines--It's Not All Crap Now" could be a good slogan for their product accompanying the above picture. 


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