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Date: 02/23/21 06:13
Still soldiering on.
Author: ns2557

Shot this one on Sunday in Pueblo Co on a NB Q Train. BNSF C44-9W 961.  Was surprised to actually see this one as I thought the majority of this class were in LUGO status or one of those codes that BNSF uses to identify units not in the everyday fleet. Unit was offline tho. From the first order of units delivered in the new BNSF Paint scheme. This was the 2nd of the order, 960-1123. Has a builders date of 7-96. Nice to at least see these units still hanging around. Being 25 years old for a locomotive that's not to bad. Ben

Date: 02/23/21 07:58
Re: Still soldiering on.
Author: djd83

This scheme in general has held up remarkably well

Date: 02/23/21 16:55
Re: Still soldiering on.
Author: SCKP187

Good looking unit in that paint scheme
Brian Stevens

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Date: 02/24/21 01:51
Re: Still soldiering on.
Author: Texican65

Lots of 900’s and 1000’s still floating around on the system. I see them quite regularly, and every so often we still get them for power in the consist. Although not the numbers there used to be...still happy to get as many as we can. Good catch!

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