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Date: 02/26/21 20:21
Jump Frog (Indio, CA)
Author: cchan006

I was made aware of a westbound approaching Indio from Dispatcher 44 after the 2 eastbounds went by. Just railroad east from Indio is single-track territory between Thermal and Salton, and I suspect DS 44 was setting up a meet.

While waiting around, I noticed something I hadn't seen in my previous visits, a Jump Frog on Main 2 for the spur that goes south and east. Don't know when it was installed, but must have been recently? Jump Frog makes the wheel flanges "ride over" the main track as they take the spur, but there should be TO members who can describe it better.

A westbound manifest eventually showed up, so I put the Jump Frog sign in the composition as it rumbled by on Main 1. Note on 2:21 in the video, UP 911119 and UP 911911, Armour Yellow boxcar and tank car for safety training? I suspect the train was the MTUWC, with plenty of centerbeam empties, autoracks, and 3 well cars of single-stacked 53' boxes.

This is the same westbound that playfully asked for "help" when it met the manned helper further west.

- Jump Frog sign, Main 2, and the spur.

- Jump Frog, another angle.

- Video of the westbound 3x1x0 manifest. Entire train is shown.

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Date: 02/26/21 20:39
Re: Jump Frog (Indio, CA)
Author: YoungOldHead

Hopefullly this hepls you understand how it works. https://www.voestalpine.com/nortrak/en/products/Frogs-Jump-Frogs/

Date: 02/26/21 20:49
Re: Jump Frog (Indio, CA)
Author: PHall

Same concept as an OWLS (One Way Low Speed) crossing frog.

Date: 02/26/21 21:48
Re: Jump Frog (Indio, CA)
Author: santafesteve

Jump or (Ramp Frogs, BNSF's term), are famous for DERAILING High Rail vehicles.

Date: 02/27/21 04:29
Re: Jump Frog (Indio, CA)
Author: masterphots

Would be a good sign for Calaveras County, CA

Date: 02/27/21 07:44
Re: Jump Frog (Indio, CA)
Author: MP555

santafesteve Wrote:
> Jump or (Ramp Frogs, BNSF's term)

Never heard that term. BNSF signage states “lift frog”.

Date: 02/27/21 07:53
Re: Jump Frog (Indio, CA)
Author: SanJoaquinEngr

The train that never ends...

Posted from Android

Date: 02/27/21 09:03
Re: Jump Frog (Indio, CA)
Author: 2-10-2

The armour yellow box and tank cars are at 1:36, not 2:21; that's the helper.

Date: 02/28/21 16:33
Re: Jump Frog (Indio, CA)
Author: Jckaufman

Thank you, cchan006.  I had no idea there was even such a thing as a jump frog.  I'm imagining my befuddlement, had I happened upon one, without knowing what it was.

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