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Date: 04/07/21 17:16
Vacation Planning Pt2- Arizona/Socal
Author: ross

Howdy all- Second topic regarding upcoming vaction (thanks to all for the first topic replies)

Inquiring this time on "Must-sees" and "Must-Do's" between Flagstaff and Barstow on the I-40 and HWY66 corridors along the BNSF. Planning on spending one day between Flag-Kingman and then possible 1.5-2 days Kingman-Barstow. All help is great appreicated!- Ross

EDIT1: Looking also for latest intel on RT66 near Ludlow- Where exactly is open currently along the main?

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Date: 04/07/21 17:58
Re: Vacation Planning Pt2- Arizona/Socal
Author: amtrak34east

Google, is your friend, not trying to be a dickhead, but do your research, it will do you wonders. 

Date: 04/07/21 19:16
Re: Vacation Planning Pt2- Arizona/Socal
Author: zchcsse

God forbid somebody asks about train watching spot recommendations on a railfan discussion forum!

For some ideas...It's good you're staying in Kingman overnight.   A person could easily take up an entire day or two just within a few miles of town trying to get all the possible views there!   A few of the key locations there--Slaughterhouse Canyon is near the top of the ~50mile grade that starts at the Colorado River.   Hualapai Mountain Road bridges over the tracks and there are plenty of spots in the adjacent canyon to the side to photograph trains.   There is a bank you can easily park at on the east side of the tracks and then wander the area on foot.  Downtown Kingman by the Amtrak depot has a few views, including the classic view with the water tower that says "Kingman" on it.   The depot makes a good backdrop as well.   Lastly, Kingman Canyon is the crown jewel of the area.   If you're at the Amtrak depot, take the road that crosses the tracks right there and follow it back.  It'll seem counter-intuitive when you're driving it, but takes you right into the heart of the canyon and you'll be between the two Main Tracks which are split there.   Explore and find the views you like.

Going west from Kingman and being a little pressed for time, I wouldn't bother with anything until Topock, the last exit before you go over the Colorado River.  There you  can view the bridge or go up on the hillside to the east of the tracks.   If you take Rt 66 under the tracks then immediately on your left is Topock 66, a restaurant that has great food, views of the river, and the tracks on three sides of you (as they curve around it).   A good spot for breakfast or lunch.

In Needles you can wander around the outside of the El Garces Harvey House and view trains from the backside of it, but if you're running behind schedule, don't bother.

West of Needles exit at U.S. 95 (about 11 miles west of Needles).   Immediately the tracks will be on your right in a scenic area called Klinefelter.    Several miles further west the highway crosses the mainline at Arrowhead Jct, another good spot.  From there though, don't cross the tracks but instead take Rt66 along them up to  Goffs.   It's easy to chase westbounds climbing the steep grade here.  Rt 66 will take you along the tracks through Goffs then down to Fenner where you will have to jump back on I40 as Rt 66 is closed from there down to Kelbaker Rd.  

Take I40 to Kelbaker Road and head south to Amboy.   From there, you can follow the tracks again to Ludlow.

Date: 04/07/21 19:33
Re: Vacation Planning Pt2- Arizona/Socal
Author: donner_dude1

Here's the link to an older website that has useful information - there have been many changes since this site was updated but it gives you a good overview of both the Needles and Seligman Subs. 



Date: 04/07/21 19:35
Re: Vacation Planning Pt2- Arizona/Socal
Author: oyw

ross Wrote:
> EDIT1: Looking also for latest intel on RT66 near
> Ludlow- Where exactly is open currently along the
> main?

I was out there about 10 days ago and old 66 is wide open until Cadiz Road, which is about 10 miles east of Amboy. Just east of the turnoff  to Cadiz there were some fairly serious barricades with threatening signs.


Date: 04/07/21 21:30
Re: Vacation Planning Pt2- Arizona/Socal
Author: callum_out

It depends on what you're looking for. All those words about KIngman and not a word about the KIngman Terminal Railway, you want mainline, you
want shortline industrial? There's tons of great places along the BNSF Peavine LIne to Phoenix. You pull up a chair at the Topock Bar upper deck and
drink beer and watch trains all day! You go have lunch at the Lumberyard in Flagstaff and forget to leave, that spots are endless. It just depends on
what you want, scenery, roster shot, scenery plus trains? There's excellent afternoon shots on the old road out of Needles to Ibis and Goffs, I mean
I could go on for pages.


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