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Date: 04/07/21 17:38
It figures
Author: Lkirts

Brandon rd in Joliet, Il is open again, 1st time that i've used it in over a year, caught a train and a barge.

Date: 04/07/21 19:27
Re: It figures
Author: Gonut1

So I'm guessing here, the road has been closed for ? And now open and obviously from the posted photo, you were blocked by a train. Is there also a draw bridge and a river and a barge or something not seen? My imagination is running wild! Or was this train one of the PSR "Land Barges"? I know locally NS has been running these "Land Barges" with 60-80 cars of steel slab gons plus all the local freight, another 100 or more cars, that they can muster and sometimes the its the freight and an empty oil train on the hind end. Even at track speed (40 MPH) they can add an easy 10 minutes to the run from picking up a hot pizza or sandwiches from the other side of the tracks! I think that is what microwave ovens are for?

Date: 04/08/21 03:30
Re: It figures
Author: Lkirts

Bridge and locks are on the other side.


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