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Western Railroad Discussion > By request, one for 'engrbill47'!

Date: 08/01/21 11:48
By request, one for 'engrbill47'!
Author: santafe199

Here’s a CN shot that didn’t “make the cut” 9 years ago, even though I recall its territorial rarity had me considering posting it. But now for Mr Jeffers, here it is. In my comments box inside the image I have “(see BNSF 5318)”. That was the lead unit on this train. Here’s a link to the 5318 in a different location: ( Toto Tuesday: Freight train buffet at Pauline, KS (trainorders.com) ).

1. CN 2254 is the rear DP on a westbound BNSF grainer at Tecumseh, KS on May 21, 2012.

Thanks for asking!
Lance Garrels

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Date: 08/01/21 17:25
Re: By request, one for 'engrbill47'!
Author: ns2557

Nice shot Lance. Might want to check the number in the "link" shot tho. Ya have it as BNSF 3518. Looks more like BNSF 5318.  This getting old krap aint for younger guys. This is what happens from time to time.  As always, great shots and story behind them. Keep em coming. Ben

Date: 08/01/21 17:45
Re: By request, one for 'engrbill47'!
Author: santafe199

ns2557 Wrote: > ... Ya have it as BNSF 3518 ...

Yeah, thanks Ben. As hard as I try I always seen to miss a "tpyo" slipping through the cracks once in a while. Too mnay irons in the TO fire, I guess...  :^)


Date: 08/02/21 11:22
Re: By request, one for 'engrbill47'!
Author: engrbill47

Lance: Thanks so much. I married my wife from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada nearly 24 years ago. In the many trips to visit her kin in Toronto and Ottawa, I always carried my Canon Rebel DSLR and a telephoto lens along for the ride. All of the shots that I took were from bridges that overlooked inter-modal yards and were basically poor. Your recent shots of CN locomotives and their wheeled charges warmed my heart. Thanks very much!

William Jeffers, P.E.
San Dimas, CA

Date: 08/02/21 11:32
Re: By request, one for 'engrbill47'!
Author: santafe199

engrbill47 Wrote: > ...  warmed my heart. Thanks very much! ...

My pleasure, sir!


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