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Date: 10/22/21 13:57
Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: Asheville_G

Sunday October 3rd I flew in from North Carolina to Phoenix with the express intent of photographing several shortlines in Arizona, along with a few days at the end of the trip to hit the Transcon.  

Monday October 4th:  Goal was to photograph the BNSF street running, and hit the Copper Basin Magma turn.  However, the Magma turn didn't run so we had to get creative.  We did learn that Copper Basin would be running an afternoon job from the Ray mine back to Hayden, so we did the best we could.

Photo 1:  BNSF's 105 street running job working southbound down 11th Ave passing under I-17 in Phoenix.

Photo 2:  Copper Basin's afternoon job (unknown symbol) working east near Hayden, AZ.

Tomorrow I'll post day 2, Freeport McMoran and Arizona Eastern around Morenci/Clifton.

Grady McKinley
Asheville, NC.


Date: 10/22/21 14:17
Re: Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: exhaustED

Very nice compositions!

Date: 10/22/21 14:29
Re: Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: inyosub

your taste , c'est magnifique !

Date: 10/22/21 14:37
Re: Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: 3rdswitch

Extra nice BNSF street running. Didn't know this happened?

Date: 10/22/21 15:16
Re: Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: MAP1024

Thanks for posting the photos of the BNSF Street Running job.
That's the old 'Sidewinder' from BNSF's Phoenix Yard to the industries along Lower Buckeye and the Salt River.
I worked that job for the Santa Fe in 1995... always a unique operation... with an interlocking diamond with the UP just west of Union Station.

Date: 10/22/21 15:30
Re: Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: Fireman424

Nice shots, does that BNSF job run daily down the street? Does the job in the street run at any particular time of day? I am gathering some information for my trip next year out there so the information would be much appreciated.

Thanks and look forward to the rest of your trip.

Randy Allard

Date: 10/22/21 15:45
Re: Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: northcentral

Very nice pictures and very nice colors. Thank you.

Date: 10/22/21 16:16
Re: Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: Asheville_G


That street running job runs M-F in the mornings, usually between 7-8:30.

To be extra safe, be there at sunrise and wait.

Posted from iPhone

Date: 10/22/21 16:17
Re: Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: SCKP187

Two nice photos. Really like the framing in #2
Brian Stevens

Date: 10/22/21 17:33
Re: Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: Ritzville

Very Nice and interesting series!


Date: 10/22/21 21:27
Re: Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: krm152

Both photos are ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING in their own way.

Date: 10/23/21 00:48
Re: Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: SD45X

There is a scrap yard behind the photographer that gets worked in the other direction. They were there after noon as a semi got in the way and was hit when I was there:)

Date: 10/23/21 15:32
Re: Arizona Trip (Day 1)
Author: ns1000

Great pics!!

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