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Date: 10/22/21 19:43
Aberdeen Local
Author: x6924w

This is the Aberdeen Local at it's namesake of Aberdeen ID yesterday. Last I knew is it was the LUT-41 a few years back but I'm not sure now as I don't keep up well with modern railroading. We still called it the Aberdeen as long as I was around, up until '96. The Aberdeen Branch takes off from the Scoville Branch at MP 7 of the Scoville which takes off from the Montana main at Blackfoot ID. Serves potato packing plants, wheat, flour asphalt and fertilizer. One of the fertilizer plants, JR Simplot in Moreland ID, makes the majority of the aerial firefighting retardent that is used in the US. There is a large fertilizer operation in Aberdeen for distribution to local farmers and a smaller fertilizer plant  and two potato packing plants. This was as close as I could get while they set out some cars there. The local brings it's train into Aberdeen and runs around it there to return to Blackfoot. 

Date: 10/23/21 21:14
Re: Aberdeen Local
Author: jmulhol2

Great set of pics, especially that last one with the smoky exhaust and running long-hood-forward! Awesome stuff! 

Date: 10/24/21 10:54
Re: Aberdeen Local
Author: grahamline

That's awfully bright daylight for the Aberdeen to be out running around.  Thought they rarely left Blackfoot before 3 or 4 PM.

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