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Western Railroad Discussion > Trackage rights vs Haulage rights

Date: 05/23/01 10:10
Trackage rights vs Haulage rights
Author: SDP-35

Whats the difference between the two agreements?

Date: 05/23/01 11:10
RE: Trackage rights vs Haulage rights
Author: scraphauler

Generally speaking, trackage rights are when railroad A gives railroad B the authority to operate over A's tracks using B's power and crews. Haulage rights are more restrictive - usually railroad A will agree to handle railroad B's traffic at an agreed upon per car or per mile rate, utilizing railroad A's crews. Power for haulage rights is also negotiated and could be either lines power depending on agreement.

Date: 05/23/01 11:26
RE: Trackage rights vs Haulage rights
Author: MAB

For example, the KCS haulage rights from Kansas City into Council Bluffs, IA for grain traffic often uses KCS power on the trains. It could look like a trackage rights train, but it's UP crews that are running the train.

Date: 05/23/01 12:08
RE: Trackage rights vs Haulage rights
Author: z28215

There's another variation on this theme known as "overhead trackage rights". It is similar to normal trackage rights except that the railroad given these rights are only allowed to move their traffic from point A to B but are not allowed to serve any customers along the route. I believe an example of this would be Canadian National operating on Wisconsin Central between Superior and Chicago.

Date: 05/23/01 14:27
RE: Trackage rights vs Haulage rights
Author: MAB

I would guess that overhead trackage rights are actually more the norm. Offhand I can't think of a place where a railroad has trackage rights AND the ability to serve local industries, but what with all the 2-to-1 industries created by the UP-SP merger and the resulting BNSF trackage rights, I'm sure there are some locations where the railroad with trackage rights also serves local industries.

Date: 05/23/01 15:40
RE: Trackage rights vs Haulage rights
Author: SDP-35

The BNSF has trackage rights over the UP from Memphis to Pine
Bluff and to Little Rock to serve the Port of Little Rock.
The BNSF has a small yard in Little Rock and interchanges with
the LRW somewhere around Little Rock. Is that "true" trackage

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