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Date: 05/13/22 21:11
Santa Fe Warbonnet Led Intermodal
Author: Jadon

Earlier this week on May 11th BNSF ran an intermodal into Texas with a duo of warbonnet painted Dash9's leading from Chicago. As luck would have it the second unit died before Oklahoma City and an orange GEVO was added, but the correct leader was left alone. After work I made the drive north as far as I could into Oklahoma before I met the train, which ended up being Wynnewood, OK. From there I chased south as far as the sun would permit, which wasn't far. The train was following a Tulsa-Alliance manifest and both trains were fighting a steady flow of northbound traffic which only got the train to Ardmore before sunset.

1) BNSF 654 leading it's train south of Wynnewood, Ok
2) After Wynnewood I went to the wye north of Gene Autry, both the southbound trains had to meet a train in Dougherty giving me ample time to get there. And wait, a lot. This location was ideal as the railroad curved west towards the, at this point, northwesternly sun
3) Once it passed me at the wye I utilized the straight road into town to beat the slow moving train and got it sneaking between evening shadows at the south end of the Gene Autry siding

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Date: 05/13/22 21:15
Re: Santa Fe Warbonnet Led Intermodal
Author: Jadon

1) Behind the 654 was a Z train which the dispatcher ran around them at the Arbuckle Siding. Here that train is seen crossing OK-199 just north of Ardmore, just a little further and this train would meet Amtrak's Heartland Flyer
2) With light dissapearing I gave up at the bridge and decided to try a zoom blur south of town, it's good I relocated when I did because the train arrived just after I got to my new location south of Town. After this I ended the chase and started the two hour drive back home, further accomplishing my goal to shoot as many of these as I can before they're gone for good.

Date: 05/13/22 22:07
Re: Santa Fe Warbonnet Led Intermodal
Author: Ritzville

Nice up to date Warbonnet series!


Date: 05/13/22 23:30
Re: Santa Fe Warbonnet Led Intermodal
Author: Roadmaster

I appreciate you going after this train and giving us this report.  Well done!

Matthew Dittert

Date: 05/14/22 10:41
Re: Santa Fe Warbonnet Led Intermodal
Author: texchief1

Nice shots!

RC Lundgren
Elgin, TX

Date: 05/16/22 15:17
Re: Santa Fe Warbonnet Led Intermodal
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

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