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Date: 05/25/22 09:39
Rocky Mountaineer
Author: RS12394

Today was the first run of Rocky Mountaineer's "Rockies to the Red Rocks" luxury train with RMRX locomotives 8020-8021. Photo by Joe McMillan, May 25, 2022, 09:47, mile 9.75, Union Pacific's Moffat Tunnel Subdivision, Arvada, Colorado.

Date: 05/25/22 13:09
Re: Rocky Mountaineer
Author: OliveHeights

Great shot Joe! Was that from the backyard?

Date: 05/25/22 13:31
Re: Rocky Mountaineer
Author: 3rdswitch


Date: 05/25/22 14:36
Re: Rocky Mountaineer
Author: cozephyr

Rocky Mountaineer power RMRX 8020 and 8021 looked right at home leading the Rocky Mountaineer "Rockies to the Red Rocks" 10-car train at Crescent, CO, 25 May 2022 - first run for these units on their passenger train.

Date: 05/25/22 16:25
Re: Rocky Mountaineer
Author: texchief1

Great shot, Joe!

Randy Lundgren

Date: 05/25/22 18:17
Re: Rocky Mountaineer
Author: jayman

Nice shots, maybe eventually one day we could see we could see a Canadian widecab geeps make that 4 units pulling a longer 20+ car Rocky Mountaineer on the Moffat and on the Hi Line/MRL in Montana like they do on the CP in Canada now that would be a sight to see maybe one day.

Date: 05/26/22 06:30
Re: Rocky Mountaineer
Author: dan

upper levels on those canadian cars maybe bumping the tunnels

Date: 05/26/22 07:27
Re: Rocky Mountaineer
Author: RS12394

Yes, taken from my backyard.

Date: 05/26/22 13:24
Re: Rocky Mountaineer
Author: callum_out

There's a review on Yahoo today, mostly favorable but like $1800-2300 for a 2 day trip is pretty
pricey. Coment on the train doing 35 mph was interesting along with several freight delays but
with the note that no one seemed to mind the delays. Low end included beer and wine, high
end an open bar. Includes one hotel night in Glenwood Springs.


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