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Date: 05/25/22 16:54
Westsider Wednesday
Author: wye-it

Portland + Western’s SD40-2 #3369 leads the 2305 and 2308 with a 29-car Westsider up Lewisburg Hill just after sunrise on May 21.  The sound of three old EMD’s was fantastic.
At the 1:10 mark, notice a group of trees appear at the lower left.  Four years ago, these same trees claimed my 1st drone in my first-ever attempt to video a moving train. 
At about 2:00, the low light angle makes the trackside trees look like it’s Fall instead of Spring.



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Date: 05/25/22 17:36
Re: Westsider Wednesday
Author: wp1801

Fascinating! thanks.

Date: 05/25/22 23:24
Re: Westsider Wednesday
Author: pdt

I am vaguely familiar with portland and western. but have no idea where lewisburg hill is. b  And what line is these...between where and where?


Date: 05/26/22 20:54
Re: Westsider Wednesday
Author: dcautley

the video is north of Corvallis, Oregon ... the dot on the map is ....   "Lewisburg".

This is a pretty stiff hill.
Back in the SP days, this was 40 MPH territory. I suspect it's 25 now. But it has welded rail.

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