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Date: 07/30/22 16:55
Two at Tomspur
Author: NickWolters

On Union Pacific's Fresno Subdivision between the cities of Stockton and Lodi in Northern California lies a point called Tomspur, where a 9,805 foot siding is located. 90% of the rail movements through Tomspur are UP freights and a couple of Amtrak San Joaquins. BNSF does possess trackage rights between Stockton and Roseville (over Donner Pass and beyond), where the Sacramento Local makes several turns each between Mormon Yard and Polk/McClellan Park.

At Tomspur, North Pearson Road parallels the main line to the west and sprawling Micke Grove Park to the east. The video clips from spring 2020 feature UP's high-priority Z train from Los Angeles to the Pacific Northwest flying by Tomspur, along with BNSF's Sac Local making an appearance, heading north with cement hoppers.

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Date: 07/30/22 23:26
Re: Two at Tomspur
Author: RRBMail

I recall that "TOMSPUR" was name for a former tomato packing plant at that location. Is there still a "TOMSPUR" station sign at the location? 

Date: 07/31/22 01:13
Re: Two at Tomspur
Author: ble692

Tomspur was named for the Tri Valley Growers facility that used to be there on the south side of Eight Mile Road. These days the signage for the north end of the siding up by Armstrong Rd does say Tomspur, while the signage at south end by the Eight Mile Road overpass simply has the control point number.

Date: 07/31/22 10:44
Re: Two at Tomspur
Author: lynnpowell

"Tomspur" is a shortening of "Tomato Spur", which served the "Aaron Cannery", which was later taken over by Tri Valley Growers. 

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