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Date: 09/20/22 19:25
on the road again . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

.   .    .    ended up in Joplin, MO, this a.m. with the KCS hopping. It took a while due to severe congestion up at Pittsburg but the trains finally started rolling starting with one southbound out of Pittsburg followed by the Neosho "dodger" and one north waiting at Asbury and one mega 9800 foot north waiting south of Joplin, the first south made it through the log jam with a pathetic looking belle leading south of Joplin near the burg of Tipton Ford (top). He went into the siding at Dalby, just north of Neosho to meet this northbound BNSF coal empty (middle and bottom) also with pathetic looking leader   .   .   .   nine more to come   .   .   .

Date: 09/20/22 19:25
Re: on the road again . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

after meeting the coal empty at Dalby, the southbound manifest made like a steam engine leaving (top) and the "dodger" was close behind (middle) then with a lull went over to the former Frisco now BNSF catching a westbound manifest passing through Neosho (botto)   .   .   .
.   .   .    six more to come   .   .   .

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Date: 09/20/22 19:35
Re: on the road again . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

.   .   .   wanted to catch the "dodger" on it's return trip but after he told the DS he had about three hours work, there seems to be some new business in Neosho for the dodger, I decided to head over to Monnett to see if the A&M happened to be around and it was, shown arriving Monnettt from the south with a couple of used recently aquited ACe's along (top) in high noon sun. Still dealing with high noon sun, a northbound Herzog ballast train was passing through Neosho (middle) followed a bit later by the "dodger" returning northbound towards Pittsburg, (bottom) also in Neosho.
.   .   .   three more to come   .   .   .

Date: 09/20/22 19:36
Re: on the road again . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

southbound grain train passing through Neosho (top) with colorful DPU combo pushing away (middle) and lastly with not much time to spare, a northbound coal empty passed through town (bottom). He was meeting another southbound at Dalby, two miles north but with an hour drive to my hotel and no light left, it will remain a mystery.

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Date: 09/20/22 20:09
Re: on the road again . . .
Author: alongthejointline

Really nice series, Joe. I especially like nbr 8.

Date: 09/20/22 20:56
Re: on the road again . . .
Author: oyw


Date: 09/20/22 21:13
Re: on the road again . . .
Author: SP8595

Looks like it was a Great day!

Date: 09/20/22 21:39
Re: on the road again . . .
Author: TTownTrains

JB, the 3rd ACe in your A&M shot is one of the 3 demos that A&M purchased a few years ago.  It had the misfortune of getting laid over on its side not too long ago, and that required replacing the long hood that is in plain red.  I suspect it will get the full A&M paint in the not too distant future.

Nice day's work, by the way.

Bill Gillfillan
Tulsa, OK

Date: 09/21/22 07:44
Re: on the road again . . .
Author: ntharalson

Good stuff, Joe, thanks for posting.  Did anyone else notice how faded some of the KCS GE's are?  It's quite noticable in several of the shots.  Apparantly still learning from their early BNSF work.  

Nick Tharalson,
Marion, IA

Date: 09/21/22 14:14
Re: on the road again . . .
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

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