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Date: 09/22/22 10:44
BNSF 110 on B Street
Author: NickWolters

After swapping inbound and outbound cars for two shortlines (Central California Traction Co. and Stockton Terminal & Eastern), BNSF 110 coasts southward down B Street in Stockton, CA with interchange traffic on the morning of August 31, 2022. The engineer will reach out to "Mormon Tower" over the radio to receive landing instructions at the yard. Typically, this move takes place under the cover of darkness in the early morning hours rather than in daylight. Recently rebuilt and rostered as a "GP60M-3", No. 110 was built for the Santa Fe in 1990.

Date: 09/22/22 13:48
Re: BNSF 110 on B Street
Author: PHall

The three white boxes on the roof and the orange strobe light show that this unit is equipped for Remote Control operation.
But as you can see from the engineer's head visible through the windshield it's being operated as a "normal" unit.

Date: 09/22/22 17:55
Re: BNSF 110 on B Street
Author: texchief1

Nice shot!

RC Lundgren
Elgin, TX

Date: 09/23/22 06:56
Re: BNSF 110 on B Street
Author: atsf121

Very nice, never did get a picture of the street running there, stumbled on it by accident when I was at Stockton Tower waiting for 3751 after Railfair '99.


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