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Western Railroad Discussion > Just a couple freight cars.

Date: 11/21/22 20:38
Just a couple freight cars.
Author: Valleyman

Here are shots of the two UP extended height box cars hitting the rails the past few months. As you can see two different style cars. Both cars shot near Lodi, CA.

The third image was shot on Friday 11/18 in Mojave. Not sure if this should classified as graffiti or art. You can be the judges. Amazing the artist would sign their work.



Date: 11/22/22 05:58
Re: Just a couple freight cars.
Author: GeneL

Beats looking at a bunch of graffiti scrawling.  This kind of picture on a car actually gets attention.  There's at least one other TO photographer who has also submitted similar "attractive pictures".   

Date: 11/22/22 07:58
Re: Just a couple freight cars.
Author: Gonut1

It is art but on the wrong canvas,belongs on a mural somewhere.

Date: 11/22/22 11:12
Re: Just a couple freight cars.
Author: KC5015

Thank You for posting.  #3 is amazing.  Somewhere out there is a lot of talent going to waste.  I wonder how long that car sat on a siding to allow someone to create such an image.

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